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Different Options for Insulating Your Windows

Insulating your windows might help you save money on your air conditioning cost. The sun beaming through a large pane of glass or drafty windows may considerably elevate indoor temperatures. In your Pennsylvania or New Jersey home, you have several options for keeping the heat out and shielding the sun’s beams. When learning How to Insulate Windows to Keep Heat Out, your strategy will be determined by the urgent demand for relief and your budget.

Insulating Windows: 1 hour

Required Tools:

Tape Measure
Putty and Utility Knife
Spray Bottle
Soapy Water

Things Needed?

Adhesive Weatherstripping
Window Treatments
Reflective Window Film
Draft Snake

How to Insulate Windows to Keep the Heat Out During Summer

Weatherstripping Windows
This is a tried-and-true approach for reducing your electricity expense. And, if you ever buy an older house, this should be one of the first improvements you do. When you have poor weatherstripping, you are just allowing your home's wonderful, cool air to escape. And after the cold air is gone, the heated air may become oppressive. It's worth noting that this is a winter-friendly strategy as well, as it addresses the opposite issue. The nice part about this procedure is that there are several varieties of weatherstripping to choose from. You might look for a material that increases effectiveness while remaining within your budget.
Using Window Treatments
The curtains, when properly fitted, prevent sunlight from entering the space and heating it. When entirely encasing the windows or doors, they also function as a minor draft blocker. Finally, they're a beautiful aesthetic component that's also really functional.
Installing Reflective Window Film
Reflective window film does exactly what it says: it reflects the heat away from the inside of your home. It also comes with a few additional benefits. These include seclusion for those whose property lacks it, as well as window damage protection. This film is available in a range of colors, allowing you to personalize your windows. However, the reflection may cause problems for neighbors, and it may prevent natural heating in the cold. So, before you buy them, think about these two drawbacks.
Inserting Draft Snakes
In the summer, a draft snake may be installed at the bottom of your windows, and even doors, to prevent cold air from escaping and warm air from entering, and vice versa in the winter. These draft snakes are just long cylinders that have been stuffed with insulation. Cotton, rice, newspaper, or even old pillows and garments can be used as this material. While you may buy these goods in stores, you can also have some fun and build your own with a simple DIY project.
Purchasing Energy-Saving Windows
Heat will have a harder time reaching your house with Energy-Efficient Windows, and cold air will have a harder time escaping. The reason for this is due to the way they are built. Low-E Glass panes are used in new, energy-efficient windows and feature a built-in coating that keeps the elements out and your home in the condition you want it to be in. These windows add value to your property. Once the replacement expenses are within your budget, installing Energy-Efficient Windows is a great investment that pays for itself. Identifying the leakiest windows and replacing them in smaller projects will help you see a decrease in your energy expenses.

How to Insulate Windows with Weatherstripping?

  1. Weatherstripping is required for insulating for summer against drafty, rattling, or warped old windows.
  2. For Vinyl Windows, use an adhesive weatherstripping product.
  3. For Wood Windows, nail-on weatherstripping may be useful, although adhesive alternatives are also available.
  4. Clean the grooves in the window jamb where the sashes slide.
  5. Scrape off old weatherstripping and damaged paint with a putty knife as necessary.
  6. Weatherstripping should be measured and trimmed to fit the channels.
  7. Weatherstripping should be glued or nailed into the channels.
  8. The width of the window sashes should be measured.
  9. Weatherstripping should be trimmed to the appropriate length.
  10. Weatherstripping should be installed along the top and bottom sashes.

How to Insulate Windows with Window Treatments?

  1. When you already have well-sealed windows, blinds, shutters, or thermal curtains can help block the sun.
  2. Measure your windows and get window coverings that are the right size.
  3. Drill holes to fit hardware screws.
  4. Attach window treatment hardware.
  5. Hang window curtains.

How to Insulate Windows with Reflective Window Film?

  1. On otherwise well-sealed windows, a reflective layer that blocks the sun’s heat-generating rays works effectively.
  2. Purchase a window film that is reflective from any hardware store.
  3. Completely clean and dry the window panes.
  4. Properly determine the size of your window panes.
  5. Using a utility knife, cut the film to size.
  6. Spray an even amount of water over the window.
  7. Apply the film to the inside wet glass.
  8. With a squeegee, gently smooth the film.

How to Use a Draft Snake to Insulate Windows?

  1. A draft snake is a filled fabric tube that is used to keep drafts out of doors and windows.
  2. A draft snake can be purchased or made to fit the window that requires insulation. (You can often pick a fabric that matches your window color)
  3. Cut a piece of fabric 6 inches wide and long enough to cover the drafty edge to build your own draft snake.
  4. Sew a long seam along the edge of one of the cloths folded lengthwise.
  5. Turn the tube inside out with the seam edges on the inside.
  6. Using the insulating material, stuff the tube.
  7. Close the tube by hand sewing the open end.
  8. Place one tube on the window sill and another tube on the bottom sash.

How Energy Efficient Windows Provide Insulation?

Windows that are energy efficient keep conditioned air inside buildings and limit heat transmission in both directions. These windows’ improved insulation decreases residential energy consumption while simultaneously providing comfort and soundproofing. Energy-Efficient Windows are available in all styles of windows and can also be called Energy-Saving Windows.

It is quite useful to upgrade the windows in your house or company. First and foremost, it increases energy efficiency, resulting in decreased power and gas expenditures. After a few years, the initial investment is repaid through monthly savings, and if there are incentives, the payback period may be substantially shorter.


The value of the home increases when Energy-Efficient Windows are fitted, while the carbon footprint is decreased. Energy-saving windows and other efficiency solutions in homes and businesses might be deemed ecologically beneficial.

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