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Prepare Your Roof for Winter

Expert Guide on Preparing Your Roof for Winter

Winter is approaching, as seen by the falling leaves and chilly weather. Before the snow falls, make sure to put on your snow boots, put up the holiday decorations, and rake the leaves to ensure that your home and family are prepared for the Winter. However, there is one part of the home that is important to winterize and is often overlooked, your roof.

Since your roof is the only thing between you and the elements, you want to make sure it is in good working order and capable of keeping you warm and toasty all winter. Before the cold weather comes in, take a few simple precautions to avoid winter roofing difficulties. This will help your roof endure the impending storms and assure you that your home will remain secure and dry in the coming months.



Examine Your Roofline

When it comes to winterizing your roof, the first thing you should do is examine your roofline. Any evidence of dipping, curling, or sagging on your roof lines are indicators of your roof’s age. Sagging roof lines are created from framing problems or from a roof deck not properly protected from the elements. 

Roofs are exposed to severe rain and snowfall throughout the winter season, especially in the Northeast, which can stress the roof, increase dropping, and possibly lead to a cave-in. A sinking roof isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm, and it’s most likely structurally sound. However, if sagging roofs are accompanied by a leak or other indicators of deterioration, a repair or replacement may be required.

Roof Maintenance to Prepare for Winter


Chimney Flashing

The chimney is the next thing you should look at. The metal strip that seals the intersection of the chimney and your roof is known as chimney flashing, and it is one of the most typical places for roof leaks to form. A leaking roof is frequently mistaken for leaking flashing.

Check that your flashing is not loose or broken, and that the caulk that holds it in place isn’t cracked or degraded. Check for evidence of water incursion near the chimney as well.

Roof Maintenance to Prepare for Winter (2)


Attic Inspection for Water Damage

After you have checked your chimney, go upstairs to your attic, where you will often find the earliest signs of a leaking roof. Watermarks on the walls, damp roof decking, and puddles of water on the attic floor are all signs of a leak. Schedule a professional roof inspection if you notice any signs of water damage in your roofing system so that you can have your roof back in top shape before the winter storms approach.

Roof Maintenance to Prepare for Winter



Get Rid of Debris

Following the inspection of your roof, you should begin the cleaning process. Leaves, twigs, and other debris are common on roofs throughout the fall season, but if the material is left on your roof all winter, the piles may get waterlogged, exposing your roof to water damage beneath the soggy mess. You can use a leaf blower or your hands to safely clear the material.


Clean Gutters

Gutter catch-alls, like the roof, collect leaves, sticks, and other debris. Clean them out fully to avoid obstructions and to allow snowmelt and rains to run properly off your roof in the coming months.

Roof Maintenance to Prepare for Winter


Prune Branches

Winterizing your roof also entails prepping the trees in your immediate vicinity. In the winter, trees with low-hanging branches near your roof pose a special danger. Snow and ice can build upon these branches during a storm, causing them to snap under the added weight and crush on your roof. Trimming or removing these branches will eliminate the chance of branch damage all winter long.

It may be dangerous to remove the branches manually if they stretch over your roof. In this scenario, hire a professional arborist to assist you with the job and guarantee that your home remains secure throughout the removal.


Have Your Roof Professional Inspected

Roof damage can quickly go from requiring a simple repair to requiring a complete roof replacement, so schedule a professional roof inspection if you have any worries about your roof.

Any existing roof problems that are not evident to the naked eye will be revealed by an expert assessment. If a leak or other problem is discovered, making repairs before the winter storms arrive will ensure that your roof is ready to withstand the rain, snow, ice, and wind.


Green Eco Solutions Can Assist Your Winter Roofing Needs

Although winterizing your roof is an essential step, it does not guarantee that your roof will remain free of snow and ice during the winter. Keep an eye out for symptoms of roof damage, particularly after severe storms, so you can address it as soon as possible and avoid the need for more costly repairs later.

If you require the services of a professional roofing business this winter, we would be delighted to assist you. Our professional roofers are highly qualified and trained to give you a lifetime roof replacement.

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