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Jill Biden visits COVID-19 vaccination clinic at CHOP

Philly Voice (Health) 12/3 12:30P Noah Zucker
Jill Biden visited the vaccination clinic at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Friday to encourage parents to get their young children inoculated against COVID-19. Pfizer vaccine was approved for 5-to 11-year-olds by the U.S. Food and...

For older adults, smelling the roses may be more difficult

Philly Voice (Health) 12/2 5:00P Judith Graham, Kaiser Health New
Smell loss – a symptom of COVID-19 – is more common than many people realize. More than half of seniors experience olfactory dysfunction, but the vast majority don't realize it because it occurs gradually. Some experts recommend smell training...

Why getting the flu shot is more important than ever

Philly Voice (Health) 12/2 3:43A Julia Aspen, Sponsored by Indepe
With COVID-19 news dominating headlines for the last year and a half, other important preventive health care measures have often not received the attention they deserve.

How to make self-care a priority while working from home

Philly Voice (Health) 12/2 2:23A Brian Brick, For Independence Bl
If you work from home, it’s important to disconnect and make self-care a priority by staying healthy both mentally and physically. Never underestimate the importance of exercise, hobbies, or time with family and friends. You need these things to...

A good night's sleep can be elusive for many people with type 2 diabetes

Philly Voice (Health) 12/1 9:52A Tracey Romero
About half of people with type 2 diabetes have trouble sleeping because of unstable blood sugar levels and other disease-related symptoms, like increased thirst and headaches. Studies have shown that insufficient and irregular sleep, as well as...

FDA Panel Narrowly Votes To Recommend Merck’s COVID-19 Pill

CBS Philly (Health) 11/30 3:02P Health – CBS Philly
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) Merck is closer to getting authorization for its COVID pill. It s the first drug Americans could take at home to treat the coronavirus. An FDA advisory panel has voted to recommend that the FDA and CDC authorize the use of an...
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