Fisher-Price releases 'Seinfeld' Little People collection

PHL17 1/28 10:16A Michael Bartiromo
NEW YORK ( WPIX ) – Get. Out! Fisher-Price, a company known mainly for its children's toys, has released a Little People Collector set featuring the characters from the beloved NBC sitcom "Seinfeld." The set includes figures modeled after Jerry...

The highest value airline rewards program is a bit of a surprise

PHL17 1/28 7:00A NerdWallet
( NerdWallet ) - Airline reward programs offer a simple proposition: If you fly with our airline a bunch, you’ll get paid back in the form of miles or points that can be used for future travel. Yet understanding how many miles you’ll earn, and...

4 Expenses for parents to reevaluate in 2023

PHL17 1/28 6:00A NerdWallet
( NerdWallet ) - When inflation rises, child care expenses do, too. If you’re a parent, you may be hoping to get a little financial relief during the upcoming tax season through deductions or credits. But since there have been recent reductions...

Are you in your state's top 1%? New income analysis explains

PHL17 1/28 4:00A Addy Bink
(NEXSTAR) - It may seem like it takes a lot to be among the top 1% of earners in the U.S. That's mostly true, considering less than 10% of all American households earn more than $200,000, Census Bureau data shows . But, a new analysis found it may...

School bus crashes through home in New Jersey; driver arrested

PHL17 1/28 3:55A Jim Vasil
WEST CALDWELL, N.J. ( WPIX ) – A New Jersey man is suspected of driving a school bus under the influence after crashing into a house in the town of West Caldwell on Friday morning, according to police. Anthony Stuckey, 37, was arrested and is...

Is cold weather responsible for making us sick?

PHL17 1/28 3:00A Iz Martin
LANSING, Mich. ( WLNS ) - If you live in a cold-weather state, you've likely been told to bundle up before heading outside in the winter for fear of getting sick. But will failing to dress warm really give you a cold? Probably not. As Summer Clay,...

Why parents may see a smaller tax return this year

PHL17 1/28 2:00A Jeremy Tanner
(NEXSTAR) – If inflation wasn't bad enough, it's shaping up to be a year of disappointing tax refunds for many people, perhaps especially for parents. Among the changes this year are sizable reductions to two tax credits that gave parents a...

Look up! Rare 'green comet' to pass near Earth this week

PHL17 1/28 12:00A Ashley Nanfria
COLORADO ( KXRM ) — Earthlings! It’s time to look up to the sky over the next week as a rare comet last seen over 5,000 decades ago is set to pass near the planet.  The harmless comet known as C/2022 E3 (ZTF) , or "green comet," was last seen...
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